Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adventures With Daddy

 When Daddy comes home, Reilly will say the following things in the following order:
"Daddy! Daddy!"
(before he has both  feet in the door)
"UP! UP! UP!"
(once she is up)
"Out? Out? Out?"

She loves when Daddy comes home.  One of the many reasons, besides chasing her around and carrying her on his shoulders and having the energy of a puppy (or a toddler), is because he takes her outside on little adventures.  They don't even have to go out for long, but they go and study the outdoors.  He talks to her about the different trees and plants and animals, and they always bring me something interesting.

See that in her hand?  That is the interesting thing they brought me on this day.   Sometimes it's flowers, sometimes it's pretty leaves.  Sometimes it things that are alive.  Hubby said that Reilly will find something, and then turn around and say, "Mommy!" because she's so excited to bring it to me.

 Here they are, studying their find.

A teeny froggy!  So cute.  Hubby said she held it so gently, like she knew how he had to be held so she didn't squish him.

One time they brought me a tiny baby bunny, and the way he was holding it looked like it was a mouse and I freaked.  Good times.

Nothing beats adventures with Daddy!

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