Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reagan's First Toothie!!

 So this picture has nothing to do with her tooth, except that this is how she has to nap lately so that her sister doesn't wake her and vice versa.  She likes Mama snuggles and living room nappies.

 So I guess none of these pictures have to do with teeth, since it is too small to take a picture of yet.  But it is there!  A little tiny bottom one.  I knew the drooling had to be for something!  And like Reilly, she never really had the teething crankiness (thank God!).

 I think it's so funny how her getting her tooth coincided with starting to eat food.  It's like her body was getting ready for all the yummy foods to come.

 I can't wait for all the cute little toothie faces and smiles!  Hubby loves her toothless smile.  I just have never seen anything happier than her toothless smile.  I can't imagine what her toothy smile will look like.

Congratulations on your first tooth, little babygirl!

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