Saturday, August 4, 2012


The other night, instead of putting Reilly to bed at 7:00, we took her mini golfing!  What is summer for, anyway?  There is a little place by us that we are mildly obsessed with due to their soft serve ice cream. We  have a "usual" there that we have always gotten -Amazing.  Reilly gets a "mini" twist with chocolate sprinkles ("frentles").  We used to get her rainbow, until she started requesting chocolate.

She loved the "DOLF"!

Reagan was glad to be left alone for a bit, have some R&R while the rest of us were occupied. ;)
Oh hi, bean salad!!
Where did my ball go?!
She kept eyeing the windmill and asking if she could go touch "the big X going round and round".

She loved when I hit my ball, because I ran after it to watch where it went, and she followed me running and screaming.
She also loved running on the greens in all the little dips and hills.  This may or may not have been allowed - but I think it's a rite of passage for kiddies.

She makes everything so much fun.

I definitely followed her on these little hills.  Might be one of my favorite childhood memories, running on the mini golf hills.  Children are my excuse to be silly.

My little Reagan beans and I by the apple tree!

Just look at Reagan's face here.  Reilly was making funny faces and making her laugh, and she was CRACKING up!
She is infatuated with her sister.

Little giggle pants.

Could be one of my all-time fav pictures.  Reagan falling over laughing.  Reilly on cloud nine in her "ballerina".  Daddy and his girls.

It was a good reason to skip out on bedtime.  :)

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