Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Foodie!

 Reagan Kate had her first bites of cereal the other night!!  Her first food from a spoon, and her first taste of anything other than breastmilk. Here is how to first reacted to being put in her high chair:


This comes as no surprise to those that know Reagan.  She is just so happy about everything.
(Everything that is, except being put down in her crib at night.  We have rectified this with a special blankie and her "pinkie" as Reilly calls it.) 
But the main reason for her laughter and delight, was being at the same level and face to face with her BFFL.

Reilly was making her laugh, and just sat there watching her.  We had to go over the whole process with Reilly, since it is a change in her routine as well.  After all, previous to this night, Reagan online "ate the boobies" as she so delicately claims.  So we had (and have every day since) long chats about how Reagan now eats VERY SPECIFIC food that is just for babies, not Reilly's food.  We talk a lot about how food is one thing that Reilly and Reagan don't share right now. 

We have visions of almonds being shared over lunchtime conversation.  So we are being very clear with this process.

Reilly loves being a part of her mealtimes.  Everytime she sees me go near where we keep her "baby cereal", she says, "Reagan gunna eat? I will watch her." And then starts getting into her chair. I made carrots for Reagan the other day and was explaining to Reilly how we keep it in the ice cube trays and how it is baby food. She said, "This is Reagan's food?" I said yes.  Then she said, "I will watch her eat it." 

 There's the Rae Rae Face!!

Mommy, what's happening here?  Can't I just eat the boobies?

 Girlfriend did so well!! She ate up the cereal in minutes!  We were so proud of her.

 She looks slouchy here because this was the end of her meal, we have since been propping her on that side with a blanket.

Daddy giving babygirl her last bites!

It always is shocking to me how fast you go from just breastfeeding, to cereal for a few days, then BAM any food you want!  I mean, it's crazy really.  Why do these babies even need to eat those foods.  They are just babies.  They have plenty of adulthood time to be adults and eat FOOD.

Excuse me, while I go breastfeed my newborn. :)