Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On the last night of summer...

(We have had computer problems, that is why there has been a lack of posting!)

 On the last night of summer, we have a little tradition.  We go to a little ice cream shop by our house, that is only open through labor day.  We were there on the night it opened for the summer, and we go on the night it closes.  We get the same thing every time we go (soft serve ice cream), and on this night, we throw in some french fries.

Sidenote:  Reilly didn't know the word french fry.  I considered it a personal victory.  She said, "Can I have one of those things?"

It was rainy and drizzly, so Rea Rea got a little beanie hat.  Which makes babies look like bank robbers, in my opinion.
I mean, what is more hilarious than that?

Mama said knock you out.

 Daddy told stories and said prayers.

And Mama sang "Mama's Song" (A Dream is a Wish).

It's a bittersweet night, the last night of summer...but a very sweet tradition.  We are excited for the new season!

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