Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Little Girls

These are the happiest little beanies.  We have been doing lots of baking, fall cooking, painting, reading, snuggling, dancing, and learning lately.  This picture just makes me smile, my cozy little autumn girls.  My favorite feeling is on a sunny autumn day, when cooking or baking is taking place, the house is clean, and I am reading to my girls. I don't know why it brings such a feeling of contentment to me.  I thank God for these girls and their hardworking Daddy.

And sometimes there are days when it is rainy, an espadrille makes a dent in the wall, both girls pee through their outfits, mama's water bottle gets spilled over by a grabby little 6 month old, my painting gets smudged by a litt;e toddler finger, and the same toddler takes a spill off the kitchen chair. These are days that end with me painting Santa's beard orange on a Christmas ornament, and thus fear that my mind is actually gone. Even on these days...I am extremely thankful and grateful for my happy little girls.

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  1. I want to eat of my fave pics!!!! love you all so much <3