Thursday, October 18, 2012

Papa's Game!

 This past weekend was a fun one!  We went to New York to go to Papa's game and have some fun family time.

Reilly got pom poms, and was a little cheerleader girl!

 Reagan was all snuggly at the game, in her matching tutus with Rei Rei. :)

 Reilly made a friend, who taught her how to cheerlead!

Beans loves her Mima!
 After the boys won, Reilly grabbed her nuts and went stomping onto the field looking for her Papa.  She actually got stopped by Security before she ran out on the field. Ha!

She found him!!  Good game Papa!
 They chatted about the game, and Reilly's opinions on how they could improve and such.  Papa really values Reilly's thoughts on these issues.
 Reilly ran up behind Papa so she could hear his speech.
 After the game, we went home and had dinner, and then took a late night trip to Toy's R Us after the babies were asleep!  Mommy and Daddy and Mima got lots of good stuff...Santa got all his shopping done for the girls already!  We had had some wine before we went, and when I ran over to the princess display and started twirling, my husband said he knew it was a big mistake to wine me up and take me to a toy store. :)

 The next day, we went to Hick's Nursery and relived our childhood!  I have too many memories here to count.  It was so much fun watching Reilly and Reagan loving Otto the ghost.

 Our girls love there Meems so much.
 Reilly like waving to Otto and blowing kisses, but not getting too close.  Reagan was a brave girl though!  I love this picture of her looking up at him.  Don't you think their faces kind of resemble each other?  :)

Reilly thinks it's funny that Otto has "his bow on his shirt".  She thinks it should be on his head. Ha.

Then Reilly and Reagan hopped on a hayride in their matching Boo-ti-Ful shirts.

 I have no words.  My heart explodes when I look at these faces.
 Mima and Papa and the girls!  Thank you for such a fun weekend!
 Reilly saw everyone eating roasted "torn" and just had to have it. :)

Behind them is a massive pumpkin!  Holy moly.

 We love our mini weekend vacays!

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