Sunday, October 21, 2012

Papa Mommy!

Last week, we had my grandma come visit for a few days.  Reilly calls her "Papa Mommy", because that was how we explained to her who she was when she first met her.  The name stuck, because she loves her Papa and loves her Mommy, so was therefore fascinated to find out who PAPA'S Mommy was. :)

 And Reagan loved cuddling.  Speaking of LOVE, I could eat her face in this picture.  I just can't handle her. 

We had such a fun visit. Grandma loved spending time with the little angels, and talking often about me at that age.  It blew my mind to think that her coming to stay at my house, would be the same as me going to visit Reilly's daughter one day, and holding HER kids.  WHAT.  Will that really happen? The thought is crazy.  My mind can't comprehend the circle of life that far into the future.  It really is a miracle.

Papa Mommy and the girls and I went into town and walked around, and went to lunch at my new favorite place.  Grandma loved it, which  I knew she would.  We both had Ghirardelli hot chocolate with steamed milk and fresh whipped cream with our meal.  Seriously?  How could we not love this place?

Grandma passed down her ice cream obsession, and fresh whipped cream obsession to me.  I'm convinced it's passed down genetically, because the loves of these things runs that deep.

We played in the park and it was STUNNINGLY beautiful with all the trees changing color.  Great day to forget the camera, but we have our memories. :)  Grandma talked about when she was young, and I love hearing those stories.  I could listen to them all day.  She talked about going to school, getting her Doctorate, teaching, her time as a principal, going through the depression with her family, what her father did for a living, and my Poppy ancestors as well.  I love hearing where we come from.  I come from a line of shoemakers, interior designers, teachers, and musicians.  I'm grateful for the quality time we all got to spend with her, and I hope we get to do it again.

I keep looking at these pictures and imagining how it would feel to watch Reilly's children raising their children.  I can't stop trying to imagine it, but it's like trying to imagine eternity to me.  My brain can't comprehend it yet.  But I do know that when I get to that point, spending time with my children's children children...will be pretty amazing.  I'm happy we could give that gift to my grandma, who has always done so much for us.  We love you Papa Mommy!

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