Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Beans

 This is a little tribute to the newest member of our family, also known as, The Beans.  We call her The Beans on occasion...I'm not quite sure why.  And by "on occasion", I mean every day.  Maybe because she looks like a little beanie?  A beanie baby that you want to kiss and snuggle and nibble.

 We have a song that I made up when she was born, dedicated to the Beans.  It is to the tune of "Copa Cobana", and Reilly knows every word.  It goes something like this:

Her name is Rea Rea
And she's our bay-bay,
With black and shiny shiny hair,
And her cheeks hang down to there.
She is so cutie,
Her chunky booty,
And Reilly is her best best friend,
They are sisters till the end!
Her name is Rea Rea, and she's our bay-baaayy,
Cuties and chunkies and cheekies it's Reilly and Rea Reaaaaa,
The Bean Salad!

Thank you.  I know. I'm working on a record deal. Just give me a guitar, call me Taylor.

Another Reagan-related fact:  Reilly's prayers currently mention Reagan multiple times, in a very specific way.  Here is how it goes:  Dear God, Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Reagan, and the food, and the Rea Rea Bean Salad, Amen.

Reilly added the "Salad" to the bean nickname.  Mainly because she is obsessed with Bean Salad that my mom makes.  It stuck. I love weird nicknames.
I think I will wrap up with a Reagan classic, a staple, her signature if you will.  Her eyes.  Those who love her, know them well.  Strangers comment on them every day.  They are large, round, wide, and seemingly surprised most every hour of the day.  She is observing everything, and startles easily, to all sounds except the piercing scream of her sissy.  These eyes, however, are not startled eyes.  Not surprised eyes, or scared eyes.  This is not just the face she makes for the camera.
They are everyday, normal, gazing, Reagan eyes. 
This is how she looks all day, and we couldn't love it more.
I mean, really. How in love are you with this face.
Stop it right now.  I can't.  I am again experiencing my inner battle of deciding what is cutest about her face. Eyes? Cheeks? Nose?!  It's the combo.  I think I'll go stare at her in her crib.