Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playtime with Friends

 Seeing as we now have two little girls, I think it only necessary to dress them in coordinating, sometimes completely identical outfits and parade them around like the little doll babies they are.  I mean, if I don't, what would they have to complain about and roll their eyes about when they are older?  It's my duty as the future mother of teenagers. 

I think this will make quite the adorable yearbook insert, don't you?

 Matching ballerinas!

Reagan's first run with a Bumbo.  I thought the skirt was particularly fetching when shoved into the seat. :)  I love her little ballerina feeties.

She loves chewing on things.  Anything at all.  And it's not so much chewing, as it is sucking.

Fun Fact #1:  Reagan recently started sucking her thumb.  It's the best thing since sliced bread.  I hope she does it forever.

I could hold this little bean all day long. 

Okay, sometimes I do.

Sometimes I can't decide if I love her button nose, her round cheekies, her surprised eyes, or her tiny mouth more.  Then I realize what I am actually contemplating, it's ridiculousness, and settle on the fact that I am just obsessed. With her whole being.

I don't know who loves playtime more, babygirls or Daddy.  Reagan has started gasping in excitement when he comes through the door at night.

Little kiddies running down the hill!  Gotta love the simple joy.

This girl, when given a bat and a ball, immediately starts playing golf.
Uncle E would be so proud!

Fun Fact #2: The "skirts" on these outfits, are actually attached the bottom of the shirt.  I know. Wild.
What are the chances my girls will want to wear giant tutus into adulthood?  I swear I'll still think it's adorable and precious and want to photograph it then.  Let's cross our fingers it happens.  

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  1. the pic outside when you're kissing Rea...she looks just like Rei as a babe!!