Friday, October 26, 2012

The Princess and Her Froggie

 Every time Reilly and her Daddy go outside, and I mean EVERY time, Reilly asks him to find her a froggie.  She's obsessed.  She loves big ones, tiny ones, frogs and toads alike.  We have long since established that this is Daddy's little game, and Mommy has no part of it except picture snapping.  I will told the tiny ones, but only until they move then back into the wild they go.

The other day, she became particularly attached to this guy.  It's been getting to the time where we had to tell her that the froggie's go to sleep for the winter, but we found this guy sticking it out in the chilly weather!
 Man, did she love him.  Hubby said she kissed him no less than 94 times.  Awesome.  She hasn't gotten any kind of weird frog warts, so we're good.

 She knows that these things make me squirm, so she'll go "Mommy, you want him?!" and hold it out to me and giggle.  It's a little game she plays.  She does it with bugs too.  Thanks girl, take Daddy's side, I see how it is!

 Then Daddy came over and said, "Look Rei!  I found a worm!"  And she shared his excitement. 

 You see, I can put a ballerina bun in her hair.  I can put a frilly pink coat on her.  I can even put leopard printed rainboots on her.  But she's still going to want to run outside, jump in the puddles, and play with froggies.  :)
 This is her saying "Awww, my cute little froggie."

 I love her fearlessness and adventurous side.  She is the perfect mix of girly and country. 
The perfect mix, of Mommy and Daddy. :)

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