Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Our little Reagan Kate is 7 months old!  Holy macaroni!

She still seems like a tiny little bean to me though!  I don't even know if she is big or small for her age, she just is my little babygirl so she seems so small!

This month we have tried even more new foods!  We found out that the store-bought cereals don't agree with her, so I have been grinding my own oatmeal for her which has been working much better.  She now has carrots, greens beans, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, prunes, apples, bananas, nectarines, and peaches. Next up is pears, peas, and plums!  Not all together of course. :)

Beans is very close to sitting up.  She loves sitting with her Boppy, but as soon as she starts laughing or chewing on something, she topples to her side and onto her belly.  :)  Then she rolls and rolls around the room.

She is so interested in trying to get things that she shouldn't have!  Phones, remotes, wipes, diaper ointment, puzzle pieces, books...she wants to grab them, and chew on them.  Luckily Reilly is there to steer her in the right direction,  "Mommy, I am going to go take that away gently."

Her hair is growing in so well!  It is so thick and luscious, and looks like it might be curly like Mama's.

She started having lunch since last month!  About 4 cubes for breakfast (1 or 2 being oatmeal), 3 cubes for lunch, 4 cubes for dinner.  She is such a good little eater!  She gets so excited.  She just gobbles it right up, most times we don't even need a bib!

She is such a little lovie pants.  She and Reilly have started really chatting in the mornings and evenings - I just love it.  The other night Reagan was crying when we laid her down, and Reilly started singing to her "It's time to go to sleeeeeep!".  Then she started clapping, and we heard Reagan stop crying and start laughing.  Their relationship growing is so amazing, I thank God so often for the gift of their sisterhood.  Today in the car, Reagan was hungry and started getting upset, and Reilly said, "It's okay Reagan, don't cry, I'm right here!  I'm right next to you!"  Her kind heart just kills me. I love how they love each other.

Beans, we love your smile, your giggle, your happy little soul. We love your chunkies, and your curiosity.  We love you in the moon!
Here is Reagan being REALLY excited about sitting on her big sister's chair.  She clearly felt such pride to be such a big girl.  She started staring and giggling, it was hysterical!

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