Friday, October 5, 2012

Ballerina Buns, and Many Faces

 Reilly has been very into buns lately.  She always wants her hair in a bun, and always compliments people's hair when they have buns.  She'll say "I like your bun!" to complete strangers.

So yesterday I tried the ballerina bun, and had to capture the cuteness.

Giggly giggly little pumpkin.

Here's a profile shot for Mima. :)  She loves that profile.

This is my favorite face that she makes.  She makes it a alot when she's sleepy, wakes up from nap, or is listening intently to a story I'm telling her.

Look at this cutey little face.  I love when she wears gray, because her eyes turn gray and become even more beautiful somehow.

Reagan did not want to be left out of the fun.  She thought she'd show you the wide array of faces she makes.  The layperson might this she looks surprised, but no.  She will elaborate.

 This is Confused Reagan.

This is Intrigued Reagan.

This is Amused Reagan.

This is Skeptical Reagan.

This is Interested Reagan.

But Reilly would like you all to know that she was the inventor of the wide-eyed face.  I would just like to know when this little chunky face...

...became this little beauty?

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  1. OK!!!! I'm crying!!!! First the profile....and then you have to pull out old pics and the many faces of Rea which i dont get to see on a daily basis???? you're killing me!!!! still love you to pieces.