Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Halloween

 This Halloween was a little bit...crazy!  There were hurricanes, power outages, transferring the contents of our 3 freezers to one with power, packing for our family to be in separate states, and a last minute drive to New York.  This was before the wedding In Virginia, weekend of no power in New York, has shortage, and traveling from Virginia to New York with gas cans in our trunk.  PHEW. But that's another story for another day.  This story is about our cuties in their costumes!

 At first I thought that our Halloween costumes did not have a "theme", but not until I put them on, did I realize that they DO!  The letter E!  This Halloween was brought to you by the letter E!

 The elephant costume that Reilly wore for her first Halloween just HAD to be worn by Reagan.  I mean, that little hole between the ears was meant to have Reagan's face in it.

And have you ever seen a prettier little Elmo Ballerina??

Sister lovies.

Our Halloween may have been hectic, but Daddy had a day off, and we still had a fun day of going out to breakfast and running around town a bit.  We had fun with our cuties, even without power!

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  1. Thank you!!!!! We missed reading our wonderful daughters writings....and seeing our beautiful girls!!!! adorable!!