Thursday, November 15, 2012

Early Celebrations

 We started Christmas excitement early this year, but I'm loving it.  We have had so many chats about Christmas and Jesus and Santa and presents.  Reilly is asking so many questions and is so curious about Santa, what he brings, and why.  If you ask Reilly, she will tell you that Jesus is in Heaven and doesn't need his birthday presents, so he "gives them to the kids".  I just love it.

We went to an early Christmas party at Grandma's house!  We decorated cookies, decorated her little tree, and ate lots of icing and sprinkles.  We had so much fun!  It was good practice for the big show closer to Christmas!
 How cute are these little girls?? I can't take it.

 For the record, Reilly did have stockings on when the party started.  I'm not that neglectful. Ha. :)

The girls all wanted to wear pretty dresses to their Christmas party.  Too too cute.

And this little beanie is SO excited for her first Christmas!! 

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