Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Fleagan Bean is 8 months old!!  That is a nickname Meems made up - the Reagan Fleagan.  The other night at dinner, Reilly's prayer went like this:

Dear God, Thank you for Mommy and Daddy. And the food. Thank you for the Fleagan. Amen.

Well, this month has brought lots of changes!  She is sitting up so well.  She loves sitting up and playing with her sister, or watching Sesame Street with her.  We still use the Boppy whenever she sits up, more or less because I want to avoid falls and cries.  And because her sister is prone to very affectionate hugs, which often knock her over.

When she isn't sitting up, she is on the go!  She is crawling like crazy all over the place.  She will go for anything that looks interesting, and Reilly is a little pro at knowing what she can and can't have.  We are big on "my turn, your turn" since Reagan is "sharing" a lot of Reilly's toys now. She will even crawl down the hallway or in the kitchen if that's where I am!  It's the cutest thing.

Rea Rea has also started finger foods!  She had steamed carrots first, and she LOVED being able to eat by herself like a big girl.  Her smile was adorable when she successfully ate a piece!  She has also had steamed butternut squash, bananas, and most recently, Puffs.  It's so much fun.

She is starting to make more sounds!  She still loves "Gee" and "Ga" the best.  She is squeeling and giggling all the time now too.

She does the hilarious thing that we call "the swimsuit model".  When she is laying on the floor, and she hears something behind her that sounds interesting, she will tilt on her side, with her legs folded over each other like a little model.  She's such a funny bunny.

Her hair is getting longer!  Realistically, there's hardly any of it there yet, but people comment all the time on how thick it is.  It strikes me as funny that so many people comment on how beautiful her hair is, when it is still so short.  I think she has a beautiful head of hair in her future!

 She has many favorite things right now.  One is definitely her little kitchen, which she loves pressing and pulling and hearing all the sounds.  She loves chewing on anything, specifically Reilly's things (and bless her heart, she shares).  She also loves trying to get crayons and paper when her sister is coloring.  She gets so excited about Puffs, or feeding herself anything like a big girl.  But by far her favorite thing is when Reilly is making her laugh, or talking to her in their cribs.  It's Reilly's favorite too.  If I go in to pick up Reagan from nap, Reilly will say "Can you please put my sister down?"  Too funny, these girls.

She is just the most content little babe, and I just can't say it enough.  If I look at her she breaks into a huge smile.  You are a joy to have in our family, little bean.  You make our house so happy.

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