Saturday, August 16, 2014

8 Months!

WOW have we had a big month for our big boy!  Lots of exciting things this month.  The first being that I somehow lost my "8 month" tie sticker and had to craft my own.  But never fear, I know exactly where 9-12 are.  :)

Declan hair is getting lighter, and longer!  He has the handomest little hair I ever did see, especially when I comb it right from a bath.  I'm trying to hold out to one year before his first cut (why do we do that again?  I'm not sure, but it seems right.), but if it gets all long and starts blocking his beautiful face I may have to intervene.  And by me, I mean a barber.  Or a professional salon stylist.  It will after all, be the first child haircut for me!  The girls have never gotten their hair cut at all.

My man has 7 teeth!! He just keeps cutting them.  People are always commenting on how many teeth he has for his age, but it's not weird for me because my kiddies have always cut teeth early.  But I do feel like after the first 2, they just start coming like crazy.  I love his toothy grin.

Since his teeth starting coming in, we decided maybe he'd like to chew some things?  Ha, but seriously, he started some table foods! He is still having the purees that I make of vegetables and fruits, but also incorporating some soft finger foods. He has started with Puffs (baby crack, as I like to refer to it), bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, watermelon, and pasta.  He also is a huge fan of quinoa!  Baby's first protein!

The BIGGEST news is the the big boy started crawling!! He is army crawling around on his belly, and is he ever the cutest going after all the illegal things he shouldn't have.  He loves paper, plastic, Barbie dolls, and his sisters shoes.  This is such a fun stage, where they find the one corner of your house where the dust bunnies and Cheerios live and decide that THIS is the place they want to explore.  It's hilarious, you can hear him crawling from across the house because he grunts like it's the hardest thing he ever did.  Which I guess it is?  Cutest ever.  Second to traveling through the birth canal I guess.  Which really seemed quite easy for him, seeing as I did most of that work. TMI, moving on...

His current best friend is superman. He has this tiny TINY little beany-baby like doll that looks like a little baby Superman, called Itty Bittys. He holds him all the time and chews on his cape.  I'll get a picture of it soon, because I promise it's even cuter than you are imagining.

He loves water, splashing, baths, and chewing.  He'll chew on everything, even me.  Good times. ;) Ohh and he loves playing catch with his little red football!  It's true, I'm not even kidding! #NFL #justkiddingnoncontactsportsonly #baseballiscool #ortennis #imthatmomalready

He is making TONS of noises!  He is lip smacking, and singing, and babbling.  He says "Dada", "Rara" (Rei Rei, we imagine), "Baba" and "Papa".  Papa taught him that last one, and he's quite proud.  :)  Nobody try to teach him MAMA, it's fine, I'll just sit over here and tend to his every need and get bitten! Just kidding, I'm cool with it. ;)

Things that make him laugh:
1. Everything Reilly does
2. Everying Reagan does
3. Bouncing up and down
4. Peek a Boo

Everyone says he is giant, but I don't know, he's just my little boy.  My bouncing smiling baby, who is the happiest little thing you ever want to see. 

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