Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blueberry Fun with Friends!

Back in July, we had our wonderful friends come and visit from Massachusetts.  We have known each other since college (we were RA's, she was our Director), and have only gotten closer since.  Now our husbands are friends, our children are basically obsessed with each other, and if someone told me this is where we would be back when I was a Freshman, I'm not sure I'd believe them.  College has given me some of the best friends of my life, and the sweet Surgens family is right up there. We are so blessed to have them in our life.  We had all kinds of fun when they visited, including a trip to the blueberry farm!

Here are the girls being crazy adorable and holding hands.  Madison was the girls idol, as I knew she would be.  And she was so sweet with them - always holding hands, always including everyone, reading to them at night.  Such sweetness.
 All the girls!

Some of the happiest girls you every want to see!

Beautiful big girls loves when it's blueberry picking time. :)

She had the time of her life running around the trees and eating up all the berries.

We went at the best time when the bushes were full!

The girls loved making their "holy giant blueberry!" face.

 The blueberry is almost as big as Reilly's eyes in this one! :)  Always accessorizing, this girl.

We took similar family pictures last year, except this year we have a whole extra person in them! :)

Our awesome friends, and their beautiful little girls!

Daddy and his girls picked some flowers.

Like I say every year, the only thing that could get little ones out of the blueberry patch is saying, "Time for ice cream!"

We headed back to the shop for some homemade ice cream. These are the makings of a good, good day.

Sweet girls and their yummy cones!

We ended our day with a yummy barbeque, some bath time, and Frozen movie night!

We are so grateful for such great friends, and the wonderful quality time we got to have with them. We are all hoping it happens again very soon!


  1. I love love love everything about this post!!! We absolutely love our time with you!! We cherish your friendship so much!! Our girls love you all as much as we do and I know that we will be old and grey talking about when our kids were little together!! Izzy always asks where Reilly and Reagan are and what they are doing (we actually HAVE to make something up because "I dont' know" doesn't suffice!!) Thank you for your friendship and for being amazing to us!! We love you!!!