Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Time

 Here is a little peek into our abundantly blessed Christmas season!  The fun just overflowed...

 This day cracked me up.  It was the beginning of November, which is when we go to tag our tree.  It was probably the coldest day so far, because it has been super mild every since this day.  It was freezing, and the cold came unexpectedly, as you can tell by the lack of jackets.  Also, the girls are in their Halloween costumes because we were on our way to our friend's Halloween charity fundraiser.  Reilly's face kills me. 

We RAN out of the car, bolted through the trees, screaming to each other which ones looked good.  It was so cold, that first Dad just went and we all stayed in the car.  But us girls had to have a look before it was officially wrapped in orange.  We picked it in about 4 minutes, when it usually takes us a leisurely 20 of strolling the farm.  We laughed when we got in the car, joking that in a month when we came back to cut it down, we would be like, "Man, this tree sucks. We were freezing and not in our right state of mind!"
 Here we are with our Starbucks at the mall, ready to see Santa.  The teeny Starbucks kiddie cups make my life a little bit.  This lady was staring at us like we were lunatics taking a picture in Macy's with our coffee cups.  Don't judge us lady, Starbucks is an hour away.  This is a HIGHLIGHT for us! 

 Meeting Santa, and Reagan petting Declan like he is a puppy.  The kids all LOVED Santa, Reagan twirled for him and asked if he liked her skirt, and they both mentioned gifts to him that Mommy had no idea they wanted.  Haha.
 We love seeing Santa!

 It snowed like CRAZY the day before Thanksgiving.  It was stunningly beautiful.  I started getting that panicked-cabin fever-it won't stop snowing until march- feeling as soon as the first flake fell.  And then it melted and hasn't snowed since, and I feel so much better. :) I do think the snow is beautiful and am so in awe of it, as long as I have nowhere to go.  But I usually only feel this way for December, and then I am ready to welcome Spring.

 This was on our drive to great-Grandma Ella's on Thanksgiving. 

The day after Thanksgiving, we always go to get our tree!
 We had some sleepy elves by the time we got there. :)

 I officially hope it snows every Thanksgiving - because getting our tree with the whole tree farm covered in a blanket was something out of a storybook.

 It didn't just photograph looking actually felt magical when we were there.  I didn't edit these photos at all, these are straight out of my camera.  It was breathtaking.

 We woke the sleepy elf for the fun!

 There she is!  Fun fact, it was actually the most perfect tree in the whole farm, and even the owner said so!  Hurray for speedy choosing!

 Reagan's face as the tree was falling. :)

 Never have there been handsomer men than mine.
 When you find a man who can carry a baby in one arm, and a tree in the other, you keep him.

 Accidental selfie with all my babies! 

 This will be the picture I frame for him for his wedding gift. The caption will read: Don't forget who was your first love. Or who makes the best Chicken Marsala.

I'm kidding, Declan's future wife!

A little.

My beauty baby, aka my firstborn, aka Declan's face on a female. :)

More Christmas magic coming soon!


  1. Beautiful! Lots of framers in that bunch!!

  2. literally LOL "i'm kidding, Declan's future wife." i love these pics kate, seriously beautiful. love you guys xo lyss