Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 We are finally settled (settling) in!  I know I speak for the whole family when I say I have felt at home here since the first day we moved in.  Reilly has been ecstatic, still sometime exclaiming how excited she is to have her playroom, or yelling out "OUR COUCH IS HERE!" like she just noticed.  She LOVES her big girl bed, and has been sleeping and napping in it since the day we moved in, with no issues (phew!).  The girls are adjusting so well, that it barely seems an adjustment at all.  The transition has been relatively seamless, despite some not-so-seamless hiccups along the road.  Namely:
1. Hubby got in an accident (but is 100% fine, thank you God) the week before we moved, and has been without his truck ever since. (Thank you family and friends who have been so so helpful, we are ever so grateful!)
2. On moving day, our movers showed up to the house an hour late, just to tell us that the truck wouldn't be able to get down the dirt road and that they couldn't move us until Spring. (This will have a post of it's own, long story short, after a few hours of me cursing like a sailor, we found out that another moving company was miraculously available and it got done by late that night.  Again, thank you to all who helped us that day!!)
3. We moved in to find that we had no gas for our oven, and then that the oven was broken, and have therefore been without an oven to this day as well! (Thank you crock pot and microwave, for serving us so well these past few weeks!)

Despite these little hiccups, and I do say little because even right now, without the truck and without the oven still, these things are so minor.  All in all, we have been so blessed by this home.  We are so happy here and so excited every day.  We have been design and creative freaks over here.  We have been crafting lamps from old lighting fixtures, making our own curtain rods from the plumbing aisle of Home Depot, and beating up wood for what will soon be our stair case. :)  We are having so much fun making this our home, and we are counting our blessings every day.

This home has already seen weekend pancakes, snow days with Daddy, dance parties in the living room, fires after dinner, scratches in the floor, wine round the island, smudges on the walls, crayon on the hearth, snuggles in all the beds, and lots of dinners around our table, and we've only been here 2 weeks!  It's so hard to believe, I feel like we've been here for so much longer.  I can't wait to make more of these memories together. 

I hope to be posting some pictures soon!  For now,  I will leave you with some pictures of the cutie girls on Christmas in their pretty little dresses. :)

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