Thursday, January 3, 2013

Packing Up!

Happy New Year!  Merry Christmas!  All those wonderful things.  I have been missing from my blogging pastime, but for very good reason.  That reason being, there was no extra time in my days for it.  You see, all my free time was devoted to the many phone calls and meetings and planning and packing involved in searching, finding, selling, buying, and MOVING into a new home!  See, I told you it was a busy month!

We move in about a week.  Just to the next town, but to a newer and bigger house.  It's still a very modest house, but to us, it's a dream.  It has just enough rooms and just enough space - more than enough for us.  It has a room that Reilly calls "The Toy One" every time we go see it.  Right now it's empty, but to everyone that comes to see the house she says, "This will be the Toy One!".  She and Reagan will still be sharing a room, because they love it, and because they're small people who really don't need a room to themselves yet. :) 

We move in one week and we still have no floors and unpainted walls, but it will all get done.  Clearly this week will be busy like the rest, but oh so exciting.  Our house is mostly packed, a process in which I found to be mostly therapeutic and only slighting exhausting.  It was very intimidating and daunting, but once I started, I became a pro.  I wrap and tuck and tape and label in my sleep.  I see things in my cabinets and immediately know which box it belongs in, where it will live in the new home, how I should pack it.  I love the organization of it all, and the many many bags that have left this home either for the dump or to be donated.  It feels to good to be rid of unnecessary things, and only move what we need.  So packing is not quite the demon I though it once was, and I hear that UNpacking is it's not-as-annoying and not-near-as-daunting cousin!  So I'm looking forward to that part!  We are eating with paper and plastic, and tripping on boxes everywhere, but the excitement that lies ahead has made it less stressful, and just exciting!  We can't wait.

Pictures will be coming as soon as I breathe.  :) There is an island, and a wood burning fireplace.  Two details I look so forward to! 

Reilly runs and sings every time we go visit the house, and whenever we leave she cries and says, "I thought we were moving today!"  It's tough being two, life is so confusing!  We have been bringing her large toys there periodically as I get sick of tripping on them, and she thinks that they are new.  We went to the house the other day, and her play kitchen was in the basement.  She ran over to it said, "Look at my NEW kicthen!!"  She might just be imitating her Mama. ;)

Our Christmas season was wonderful and joyful and everything that Christmas should be.  It was nothing short of magical.  Around every turn was a new song, a new story, a new book, a new tradition, a new Christmas ornament that our girls had yet to discover the magic in.  It was Reagan's first Christmas, and her fascination with the lights, our tree, and the ornaments started early.  She was army-crawling around the room trying to get to our bright little tree.  Silent Night became the lullaby that I sang to her at every nap and at bedtime.  As soon as I started singing, her thumb would be in her mouth and her head on my shoulder. The Night Before Christmas quickly became Reilly's favorite book, and Jingle Bells her favorite song.  She wore a bell around her neck, and watched her "Poofer" Santa movie or White Christmas ("Sisters") daily.   We showed them Christmas lights, Santa at the mall (who they both LOVED!), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Charlie Brown's Christmas.  We danced to Bruce Springstein's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" every time we got in the car, and listened for Santa's laugh.  Reilly loved pointing out every baby Jesus that she saw, as well as "Mary and Jos-of".  Her favorite game for the entire month was laying on the floor in front of the tree, covering in blankets, and pretending we were waiting for Santa to come.  We baked cookies and breads, before we packed all of our baking things that is.  We went to "New York house" for Christmas, and made countless memories there as well (which will be another post, with pictures!).

So our new year is off to a running start!  We have lots on our (paper) plates, but we are ready for it!  We are so grateful to all the help we have gotten so far, and thankful for this blessing that has been given to us. God really does surprise you sometimes.  More to come soon! Babies are awake.

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  1. Congratulations...what an exciting yet hectic time...looking forward to future posts and pictures of those amazing girls of yours. God is sure to bless you abundantly in your new home!!!'
    love you

    THe Stewart family