Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Family Staycation Vacation

Once a year in August, Mima and Papa, Mima and E, and Uncle E come to visit for a whole week!  This year Alyssa came too.  We always have the best time!  Here are millions of pictures of the fun :)

 We had lots of long days by the lake, playing with our coloring books and other fun activities.

 Reagan LOVES coloring, and it's just the cutest thing ever.  Most of the time she lays sprawled on her belly, kicking her legs around. Hilarious.  But only crayons for her...she eats markers.  Straight up bites the tips right off.  So we aren't quite up to that yet. :)

 But boy did she love toddling around in the fresh air!

 My little peanuts with their coloring book and magnet princess puzzles. :)

 We played several rounds of "Pony Girl", which always gets the biggest giggles when Papa does it!  It's a song that he used to sing to us when we were little, and now my babygirls love it too. :)

Can't you just hear the giggles??

 Reagan having a little snack, and getting ready for nap with her little blankie.  That thing is GOLD.  As soon as she holds it, her thumb is in her mouth, and her head is on her shoulder.  She is ready for bed instantly.  Without it...there is no settling down.  Which reminds me, I need to go buy a backup one.  It's just not worth the panic when it goes missing!

 "Up!" (which sounds like "Ut!")

 I think she starts giggling as soon as she sees Papa!

 The girlies had a great time playing in the sand too.  It cracks me up how Reagan imitates Reilly and really digs and fills her bucket.

 Speaking of imitating, Reagan now does or says EVERYTHING that Reilly says.  Literally everything.  Mimi had a talk with Reilly about being a "role model" for Reagan, so now that's our new key word in the house.  Reilly is very aware of being a role model for her sissy.

Mima arrived after a few days! Hurray!

 We played lots of games with Nessa.  I love watching her with other kids, I could do it all day. 

 The water balloon made her a bit nervous. Hehe.  She apparently thought it was going to be loud!

Reagan playing with her little pal Jammer!

They were the cutest little pair.

 We were so excited when Mimi arrived!  We didn't even let the cloudy weather ruin our day!

 We had the funnest time sitting by the pool, having snacks and doing sticker books.  At some point, either Reilly or Mimi pretended to be a bird, and then all of us just communicated by saying "Tweet tweet!" for the rest of the morning. :)  It was hilarious, Reilly thought it was the best thing ever.

Things not photographed: the longggg naps that were taken every afternoon, which is why there are so many smiles throughout the day. :)  After such full days, they were both exhausted (and definitely let us know), so the girlies afternoon naps were very imperative.  More pictures and fun tomorrow! :)

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