Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6 Month Update!

First of all, thank you Hubby for updating about our current computer status. I'm trying iPad blogging for now, pray for our computer if you have some prayers to spare!  Totally kidding, if you are sparing prayers, pray for our fetus. :)

I am 6 months pregnant!  25 weeks to be exact.  And man do I feel it!  I am still feeling great, it's definitely the best I have ever felt pregnant.  The amount of times I pee in the middle of the night has doubled.  Literally doubled.  Which is less an enjoyable, and around this time I start looking forward to a little squeezable breastfeeding baby waking me up, rather than a full bladder AGAIN.  Also, when the phone rings, I'll jump off the couch thinking I can just run and get it, and then suddenly remember (by the pain I feel) that I have an infant in my belly.  Moving slower these days!  

I am SO thankful that Reagan walks now!  It is much easier not having to carry her everywhere, not to mention hilarious watching her become more independent.  And putting on Reilly's boots and traipsing around the house. :) 

Reilly is becoming such a good helper lately.  She is always bringing me a diaper, finding the eye drops, helping clean up, getting Reagan a toy to make her happy.  I am concentrating more on special "big girl" activities that she can be excited about so there isn't just responsibility associated with being the oldest in the house, but special things too.  She has started helping me cook, and she loves it!  She is such a good big sister, and really loves being "little mommy" as she calls it.

Hubby has started calling me his loving pregnancy nickname that he always uses: chubby.  Our daughter reminded him that "it's not nice to call adults chubby!", so she squashed that one pretty quick. (She is allowed to call babies chubby, however. :) )

I find it to be so fun to be pregnant at a completely different time of year this time around! With Reilly I got pregnant in early September, and with Reagan in July.  So those pregnancies overlapped and were the same months pretty much...beginning in warm weather, middle in the winter, baby comes early Spring.  Experiencing summer being pregnant, looking forward to the fall being third trimester, and having the Christmas season with new baby is so exciting.  Winter time here is always very cozy, cuddly, cabin-fevery we might as well set up camp indoors with our Christmas movies, hot cocoa, and our littlest beanie baby! 

Someone at the park asked me today how hard it is being pregnant with 2 little ones.  She seemed amazed that the girls and I were playing by the lake, covered in sand, making castles, running to chase both.  I realized how natural it has been, and how thankful I am that this pregnancy hasn't affected our mobility this summer.  Aside from moving a bit slower and needing help pushing the stroller uphill, little baby has just been along for the ride, and what a blessing this pregnant summer has been.

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