Monday, September 2, 2013

Family Vacay Part 2!

Well, we are back!  And here are the last of my pictures from the week my family visited in August!  I tried another post from my iPad, and it apparently never published.  Probably better off, it was pretty much a lot about pregnancy symptoms and the amount of times I have to get up to pee at night due to baby jumping on my bladder. Ha.

Here is Reilly getting a glitter tattoo from Nessa!  It was Ariel, obviously, and she was obsessed.

Pretty girls!  Cioci was assisting. :)

The anticipation...

Yay so excited!  Her dream come true!  (And Reilly was pretty excited about it too...;) )
Even a the indoor pool in the rain, these girls are setting trends...

Ladies lounging by the lake. :)

"Swings and Slides" are one of our absolute favorite pastimes!

That face!! I can't handle her. 

Reilly was in all her glory, swinging away with her BFF Meems.

After a family dinner at the cutest farm ever (where we saw the cutest old man celebrating his 110th birthday), we went to the lake for a family pic!

I love us. 

Reilly doing her toughest "ARRRGGH!" at the Pirate party.  She is still saying that she is a "Pirate Princess".

We had such a fun week!  Thank you Mima and Papa for always visiting and bringing so much fun with you!

Reilly got to dance on stage at the Staff Show, also known as, the highlight of her young life. :)

Daddy and his girl!  Who is cuter than these two.


  1. OMG these pics are so precious!!! I love you!!!

  2. Which app are you using to try and post from your iPad?