Saturday, September 21, 2013

Apple Picking!

Since I moved here from Long Island, I have been searching for a place to go apple picking.  I figured - we live in the country now!  Apple picking must be abundant!  See, we grew up apple picking at the farms out east on Long Island, and Hubby and I would go every year in college, too.  It's one of my favorite things to do.  I love love fresh apples.  But I also love cider, cider donuts, and candy apples!  The whole thing just my favorite. 

So you can imagine my dismay when there was NOWHERE to go apple picking here in the country closer than about 1.5-2 hours away.  I mean, we travel an hour to the mall, but 2 hours to pick apples?  When we have farms down the road?  It just didn't make sense to me!  So we found a pumpkin farm that had barrels of fresh apples that THEY picked (it was the best we could do), and that was good for a few years.

But now we found an apple orchard that just opened this year!  I am still trying to figure out why there aren't more orchards, maybe they are hard to grow in our climate?  Either way, we took a trip right away to check it out!

This little face that Reagan makes is her new laughing face.  Hilarious.

A rare picture of me with my little girlies!  I'm usually the one snapping, so I was so happy to get some with my smiley girls. :)

I am kind of obsessed with the following two pictures.  In the first one, Reilly is smiling and Reagan could NOT be making a more serious face, staring in to the distance.  The next picture, not 2 seconds later, Reagan looks like she sees Santa out of nowhere, and then Reilly looks like she wants to go to sleep.

I have no idea what cause this hilariousness, but these pics crack me up.

Reagan was so excited about picking her first apple!

Reilly was in charge of the bag. :)


Now, like I said, I've been apple picking a lot.  But I've never been to a place that looked like was so odd!  The tree were in these straight thin lines, that looked like a winery!  I thought maybe it was because the trees were young?  But the apples were still giant, so it was great!

Reagan almost looks like she's walking heel-toe! 

But she was still waddling. :) My favorite.

My littlest chicken. I can't express what a love this little girl is.  She is so snuggly, an so sweet.  Her personality is just as sweet as that little face.

(Hi 28 week baby!)
These girls just love an open field.  They'd never last living in a crowded city!

Oh, just some apple-grapes. :)

Here is our little pumpkin trying to smile for the camera while chewing an apple!  HA. Love her face.  And she loves her Dada.

Such a fun day! Yay for apples in PA!

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