Monday, September 9, 2013

Reagan's First Pony!

So, little Reagan has a mass of curls around her beautiful little face.  I am obsessed with her hair, and have been since her birth.  She came out with her tan skin, and a THICK head of hair.  Her hair has been complimented and commented on by strangers maybe even more than her cheeks.  Her soft, thick light brown curls are just precious.  (And SO starkly different from her Sissy!)

This summer, her hair has been like a little heated hat on her head.  It was too short to pull off her neck at all, and her hair around her ears and neck would make her so hot - I would feel so bad!  But finally, a few weeks ago, I was able to pull her hair into her very first pony!!  The results were amazing.  I was cracking up all day.  I was really only able to get the back up off and her, and then a pulled the front over with a bow to make it look like it was part of the pony. :)

Seriously, look at that face.  I can't even deal.  She was SO thrilled and totally knew that she has something special going on with her new do.  Plus, I really think it cooled her down!

She looked like a little ballerina!

This.  This is the best part about her "pony tail".  (And, since then, her pigtails as well.)  Since her hair is so curly and amazing, as soon as I try to restrain it with a rubber band, it all poofs out and curls around the rubber band, looking like a perfect little bun!!  I repeat:  I did NOT make a bun in her hair!  This is a pony tail!

I mean, how could she be so lucky?  Perfect little effortless bun.  When I do pigtails, everyone asks me how I got such perfect "Princess Lea" buns on her head.  It takes a really long time for them to understand when I try to tell them that it's really just pigtails.

(See how I pinned her bow back, keeping that front section out of her eyes? That's desperation for a pony people.)

Reagan, I wonder what your hair will look like as you grow!  Because along with your wide wide eyes, and your round cheekies, that hair has been a topic of conversation your whole life.  I pray that you love it as much as your mama does one day.  Don't ever wish for something else - not straight, not a different color.  Yours if perfect, because it's on you.  And who else can ever say that they had such a perfect pony at 18 months old?  :)

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