Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Soaking Up the Sun

On the sunniest and hottest days this summer, we jumped in the car and went to the "Beach-each" (as Reilly called it).  We would put on the Glee version of "Starships" and dance and sing in the car "Let's go to the beach-each, Let's go get away!"

We kept a set of our sand and water toys in the trunk of the car all summer, so we were always ready to go.  We would drive down the street to the our park and sometimes go in the pool, sometimes play in the sand and the lake, and usually always end at the slide and swings.  We had a snack or lunch to have a "picnic" on a towel or blanket, which was Reilly favorite part some days.  She loved finding the best tree to sit under and see what "surprises" I packed to snack on.
At the beginning of the summer, Reagan wasn't walking at all!  She would sit in the sand and dig and play, not anxious to get anywhere, so content with whatever was in front of her.
By the end, she was running around the beach!  She still does love to just sit and dig though, which is what she did most of the time.  She just loved being covered in sand!
Reilly loved making "a path" and pouring water down from the top and watching it flow down toward the lake.  She also loved telling people about how we saw a snake once.  That was sure to freak everyone out!

My little chickens eating their "bars"!  A favorite treat.

Hi Sweet Girls!

Our days at the beach were some of my favorite days this summer. 

I think because it put the biggest smiles on these little faces.  I'm so glad we got so much use out of our park this summer!  Some super fun memories were made there this year.  Can't wait till next year!

....with THREE at the park!! :)

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  1. This blog always puts a smile on my face! XO