Monday, September 2, 2013

Fishing Divas

 We took the girlies for a walk down to the lake a few weeks ago, and brought our fishing poles!  It was our first time taking them fishing, and it was quite amusing.  It was good we were only a 5 minute walk from home, and not on a big boating excursion for their first time. First, because their attention while fishing could only be held for so long.  So our little lake adventure was perfect!

Below, you can witness Reilly's reaction to watching Daddy bait the hook.  At this point, she is completely unaware as to what fishing entails.  Her confusion is visible. :)

 ...what the heck?!...

 Mama, what is Daddy DOING?!

 All ready to "fish" with her pink pole!

 She's such a fishing diva.  Daddy kept using words and phrases that none of us understood, but we all pretended.
"Reel it in a little, Rei!" ...Reilly and I look at each other...
"See your bobber right there? Watch for it to go under water!" ...I still call it "that little ball thing"...

 She's such a natural.  Look at how professionally she holds her fishing rod and stares intently at the water.  Good job, honey!

 It was at this point that I knew the experience of fishing was more entertaining to her than actually catching fish.  She dug in the bait baggy of worms that Daddy picked from our backyard, and said, "Smile, Wormy!" when I took this picture.

 Here she is with Daddy, talking to the worm and helping it "find it's Mommy".

Really excited about her new worm friends. :)

 This chicken little spent most of the time in her stroller, because whenever she got out she either wanted to make a bee line for the lake, or sit and play with goose poop.  Neither of which was really acceptable.

 This was the point where she threw the bait into the lake so they could be with there families and play with the fishies. 

Then she ran to get wipes to "wash her hands because they were so dirty!"

 And guess what happened at the exact moment when she went to clean off?

 If you look closely in the foreground, you can see Daddy's fishy that he caught dangling!

 She was so excited!!

 Touching the fishy like the brave, country girls they are!

 Reagan is always a bit more hesitant. :) Just like mama.

 Reilly is chanting "Yay Daddy did it! Yay Daddy did it!"

 Reagan is saying, "Daddy, don't bring that fish an inch closer to me, bro."

 So enthralled with her little sunny.

 Daddy showed her exactly how to hold it!

We had such a fun little adventure!  We were laughing afterwards about how funny it was taking the two girls fishing, and whether or not we would soon have a boy to take.  If Daddy is destined to take three fishing divas one day (four including mama), he is certainly cut out for it. I don't know of a better Daddy to be surrounded by little princesses.

And Lord knows, these girls always keep us entertained!

Quotes from our day:
My fishing pole is PINK!
Smile wormy!
Can I play with the wormy?
The wormy wanted to go back to see his mommy.
Oh, can i play with this bally?  (Thats a bobber.)
Reel in a little, Rei. (shakes fishing pole)
I need to wash my hands, they are dirty.
We caught 4,5,6 fishies!
When I grow up, and I am older, I will be a good activity fisher!!
My wormy wants to go swimming with the fishies.

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