Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Golf Course Girls

A few weeks ago, over Labor Day weekend, we had some HOT hot days!  So we took advantage of one of our last summer nights and took the girls mini golfing, at an awesome course nearby that we just discovered this summer!

It was after dinner, but we decided to have one of those fun summer family nights and just keep them up late, and see how it goes!  Those times are always hilariously entertaining, make us feel crazy in the moment, and make for the best memories after.  (Like the time we kept our 3 year old up past midnight in Disney of the best decisions ever!)

So we started off going for italian ices, because Reilly wanted ices instead of ice cream.  So, we loaded them up on sugar, and then took them to run around a gold course to run out their sugar high!

I can't express how hilarious Reagan was.  She would have nothing to do with the stroller, and just bolted around the course holding her little yellow ball the whole time.  It was like she was constantly on a mission.  Running, squealing around.

Then she grabbed Daddy's putter, and it was all over. Oh dear. 

When we walked in, this grumpy looking woman who worked there gave us our supplies (with no smile) and then told us to "stay off the mulch, because it gets dragged everywhere."  What? I almost laughed in her face.  Oh, okay.  I'll be sure to tell my toddlers to run on the green, bricks, and concrete, but steer clear of the mulch that surround ALL of it and is virtually impossible to avoid, even as an adult.

Reilly LOVED mini golfing, and kept going "I'M A GOLF COURSE GIRRRRRLL!"
This was how Hubby figured out was the best way to get Reagan to go where he wanted to go. HA. (Notice the mulch?!  I mean really.)

On another mission, naturally.
It was a really serious game.  This was how we golfed the whole time.  We would hit, and then chase it and try to box out the children before the touched/kicked/ate it.

Um, ladies?  Can Mama have her turn?  No? Okay, that's cool too. Carry on.

Love of my life!!  Such happy smiles!

Growing family member number FIVE!

Reilly and Mama, best friends for life. :)

We had a diaper explosion somewhere in between these pictures, and we also had to stop at hold 8, instead of 18.  Yes, 8.  We couldn't even make it till 9!  It was that crazy/ridiculous/silly/so much fun. :)

Thank you girls, for making our days and nights crazy fun.
Thank you Hubby, for loving these crazy fun outings, too. :)

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