Friday, September 27, 2013

Girl Time

Recently, my best girls and I had a girl's weekend!  It was celebrating Mimi's new job, Mama's birthday, and my sixth month of pregnancy. :)  It was a perfect weekend!  We had a spa day and went out to a perfect girly dinner.  These girls are my soul sisters.  And they are my favorite girls in the whole wide world, over the age of 3.  ;)
Here are Mimi and I, with our straight-out-of-the-steam-room hair.  Best steam room ever...eucalyptus infused!

All the girls, bathroom pic!  :)

This is us saying, "Yes, we wear our robes to lunch at the spa!"

We laughed at how they discouraged consumption of caffeine, alcohol, carbs, and dessert.  Not outwardly, but more subliminally.  The rolls were the size of a quarter of a roll.  The "cookies" were the size of the crispy crackers in a bag of Chex mix.  We were cracking up at what the waitress described as "SO MUCH DESSERT!" (It all fit on a tiny cookie tray).  So funny.

After our 19th cup of tea that day.  Drinking tea just seems like the right thing to do there!

Ready for dinner!
My little chickie wouldn't be left of a girls pic. :)

Thank you for sharing such a fun weekend with me!  You are perfect company, and perfect biffles. Xoxo

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