Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello, Deer.

We have more deer around new home than ever before.  There is no hunting allowed in our community, so this is like a refuge for the deer.  There are so many families, we are always seeing them grazing our lawn with their babies, and it's adorable.  The girls are OBSESSED.

Reagan squeals a very specific squeal when she spots deer outside.  She is almost always the first one to find them.  She loves watching them, pointing to them, talking to them, and showing them to everyone else in the house.

The other day, Reilly and I saw a deer outside the living room window, and she got so excited.  Here is how our conversation went:

Reilly:  Mama, is that a mama deer or a baby deer?

Me:  Hmm.. I can't tell honey.  It's not took big yet, but it could be either one.

Reilly:  *SLAM!* (hits window with her palm)

Me: (Startled)  Why'd you do that?

Reilly:  It's a Mama.

Me: How do you know?

Reilly:  The babies would run.  The Mama's aren't scared.

She was so confident, so matter of fact.  I just said, "Oh. Huh." and sat there wondering how my daughter gained this knowledge before I had.  I asked Hubby later if he told her to do that, and he hadn't.  He, too, has no idea where to got this knowledge from.  But, girlfriend is right.

Little country girls and their pet deer. :)

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