Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reagan Kate's Minnie Party!

 For Reagan's 3rd Birthday, it was only fitting that we had a Minnie Mouse bash.  Babygirl is all about Minnie and Mickey, and bows, and pink.  Everything pink, all the time.  So, we delivered the pinkest, Minnie-est, day we possibly could!  Our sweet little angel had such a happy day, she asked for a week after if she could "go back to her Minnie Party".  I melted. 

 These pictures are in no particular order, and there is a lot of them, and naptime is short, and I have laundry to fold, so in a random order they will stay! 

Family pictures :)  My favorite kind!

Also, one thing about Reagan I don't want to forget: how she says some words.
Marshmallow = Shmashmallow
Woodloch = wookwok
Cinderella = Cindawewwa
Imagine that face saying these words, and you might understand why she is a completely irresistible little munchkinface.

 See how Buddy is on my shoulder? She lays him there as her "pillow" and then lays her head down on it.  She will lay Buddy on anything and create a place for herself to lay down when she is sleepy.  Many time she has laid it down on a chair, and laid down and closed her eyes while standing up.  Cracks me right up!

 Mima and Papa love a picture with the kiddies!

We had an extra special guest at Reagan's party...Minnie Mouse herself came to surprise us!!
The following is Reagan's reaction...

 (Reilly's arm around her shoudler = me in a puddle)

 HER FACE! <3 p="">

 The girls chatting about Minnie Mouse actually being here!

 "I have Minnie ears just like yours!"

 Sweet cousins, ugh I love them!

 This is pure happiness right here.  Playing Ring Around the Rosie with Minnie Mouse!

Our good friend and her beautiful baby bump were almost as popular as Minnie! ;)

 I painted Minnie shirts for the girls, and a Mickey one for our boy. :)

 We were sad to see her go!  So we quickly moved onto cake :)

Oh her big smile, it just fills me right up.

 My girl was ready for a nap, and was way to busy licking the cream cheese off her bagel to worry about cupcake eating. But, you know, birthday girl, so she does what she wants. :)

 This family shot with Daddy kissing his boy is my favorite one. <3 br="">

 This was set up crew!! Thank you girls!

 My little sleepy babygirl and I. 

 A peek at the food!  This was a roasted red pepper spread...yum!  There's a red pepper bow up there too!

 These sugar cookies were way too fun to make. A few days of naps and my freezer helped with these!

 Pretty in Pink fruit salad!  Tip: don't even attempt to buy watermelon until summer. Luckily I had plenty of other fruit, and got reimbursed. Rotten watermelon, not a fun day-before-the-party surprise!

 I also had "Hot Diggity Dogs" which were breakfast sausage wrapped in crescents, and little "Mini" egg cups. 

 This picture just about does me in.  I don't know if it's how she is clutching her Buddy, or clutching her Sissy's neck...but this speaks volumes about their special bond.

 Here is Reagan with her "Reagan and Buddy: A Love Story" sign. :)

 Buddy is in most of the picture of Reagan that were taken in 2014.  He is her little sidekick!
Our goal at these birthday parties, is to make the birthday girl or boy smile as much as they make us smile.  I want her to feel the happiness and joy that she brings to other people.  I want her to know how special she is and feel surrounded by love just for her.  I hope we did this for you, Reagan baby.
You are loved, you are loved, you are loved!

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