Friday, March 13, 2015

She is Fwee!

Last week, (on March Fawf, to be exact), our wittle Reagan Kate turned three! She is seriously a dream of a babygirl.  She is snuggles and sunshine and sweetness, and you just want to giggle when you are around her.  My family says she is the spitting image of me when I was her age, both in looks and personality.  And let me tell you, if that is true, I was an awesome child! :) 

 That board behind her says:
Nicknames: Rea Rea, Sissy
I love: my Buddy, Minnie Mouse, my dollies, Ariel and Rapunzel, reading
Favs: coloring, painting, sleeping, playing with Sissy, swimming, BabyDec, PINK

 This little angel has a voice that just makes everything she says adorable.  I don't know how to describe it...but she could say, "May I please have some milk?" and you will think it's the sweetest thing that was ever spoken.  And, you'd be hard pressed to say no, with her rosy-cheeked charm. 

She is rarely without her Buddy.  He is always in her hand, by her side, on her lap, with her thumb in her mouth.  Being such a snuggler, it always seems like she either just woke up, or is ready for another nap. ;)  She just needs her Buddy, her thumb, and a shoulder and she will have herself a little rest wherever she is.  And we have turned around more than a few times because Buddy was forgotten at home.  After one particularly long search around the house for him, we went on Ebay and found him a twin brother.  They are identical, and Reagan had no idea that we would switch them out every so often or that we even had a spare. 
 One day, she noticed.
She looked on the little tags around the blankie and said, "Where is the Ducky?"  Right then, I knew that the tags were different and she noticed.  I pointed to a small ducky and said, "There is the Ducky!" She shunned the buddy and said, "This is not Ducky Buddy."  Luckily, I found a giraffe tag and made her excited about it.  And then, Ducky Buddy and Giraffe Buddy were born. (Ducky Buddy is still slightly more her favorite.)  And now she carries them both everywhere, completely defeating the purpose of a spare. ;)

 Reagan worships her Sissy.  She still calls her Sissy 99% of the time, and once in a while will call her "Reilly", and it sounds funny coming out of her mouth.  When Sissy is at school, Reagan asks about her, sings songs about her, and waits for her return.  As she is walking into the school with Daddy, every morning, Reagan says, "I miss Sissy and Daddy."  She even started calling her bed her "classroom" because she wants to be like Sissy and have a classroom like she does. Their friendship is precious and my favorite bond. Reagan loves pink, because Sissy loves purple. If I give Reagan a treat, she will take it, and ask for one for her sister before she even eats it. Everything is always, "One for me, one for sissy".
 She loves the color pink, big skirts, any dress in the world, and SHOES. She loves boots, sparkly shoes, and sneakers.  Reagan loves princesses and Disney movies, and is the only person I know who loves Anna instead of Elsa. :)  She loves looking through books and reading, and loves being read to. She loves Look and Finds, and calls them "Finds".  She loves playing outside, running and jumping, and dancing.  Her favorite music is her Mickey Mouse CD that Mimi gave her, or "Daddy's CD" of Christian music, or the Frozen soundtrack.  Minnie Mouse her favorite ever, with Mickey as a close second.  She loves food.  This girl. She is my italian girl.  She has loved everything I have put in front of her, her favorite being pasta and "ri-goat-a" cheese.  She also loves yogurt (pink, with granola and chia seeds), and has it every morning for breakfast. 

She loves her BabyDec to death.  He wakes up and she runs over singing and nibbles on his feet.  She literally can't control how much she loves him, that she tickles and hugs him while I'm changing his diaper. She is always telling him "You're so cute!" and telling people, "This is my Brozzer."

Since she was born, she would snuggle with me in the morning.  She would breastfeed, and then fall back to sleep on her back, in the crook of my right arm.  To this day, she will climb in to bed and snuggle in that same spot.  It's like she knows it's her spot. Reilly is up-and-at-em like Daddy, taking on the day.  Declan is looking for his first meal immediately.  But Reagan will climb and tell them, "We are still sweeping."  I close my eyes with her and her Buddy, and to me, she is a baby again. No days have passed. 

 I don't know how we got so blessed to have such a little sweetie princess bean as our middle one.  The babygirl, and the big sister.  She is Mommy's little helper, and Daddy's little girl. She loves being a little girl, and when I try and tell her she is a "big girl", she will correct me and say, "I'm just a little Reagan."

You are just a little Reagan, sweet girl.  We thank God that he gave you to us, and have blessed our life with your sweet soul.  We love you in the moon.


  1. So made me cry💘

  2. I love love love your family!! She's amazing, this little Rae of sunshine!!!
    I also love that our little girls both love Anna more than Elsa and they both love yogurt with (as Izzy calls them) "Crunchies" in them!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!