Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Beginning of My Life

When I was pregnant, everyone who had nice things to say about pregnancy and children, would always say the same sentence:

"Oh my goodness, your life is about to REALLY begin. Your life has just not even started yet, wait till you see."

And I smiled and nodded just like I did for every other piece of advice that I received while I had a tiny human growing inside me.

But really? Your life has not began? I would not say that to a pregnant person today. I mean, you future parents out there, you are living a life, right? You have experiences and jobs and happiness and heartache and relationships. That's life. I would not say to someone's face that their life has yet to begin, because I know that they will just think these same things.

But it hasn't.

I'm one of those. I have become that parent. I believe when I look in her eyes that my LIFE is looking back at me. When her little mouth, that is my husband's, curls into a smile, and then becomes a heart races and the joy I feel is unparalleled. When she wakes up for her one middle-of-the-night feeding (thank you Jesus that we are down to just one!), I literally get excited to see her. I miss her when she's sleeping.

I've had life before her. I lived. I loved. I went. I saw. I laughed.

But now? She's the light. She lights up our family and our house. Hubby and I can just stare at her and know that God gave us the strongest love possible in our little family. She is love, in a tiny little beany body.

She is life.

Love life,

Dirt Road Mama

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