Friday, September 3, 2010

Wing Baby.

Lack of the blogging due to:
a. New computer, so my picture software is still on the old one. I'm kind of slow on these technological things.
b. Baby and I are sicky. Just colds, but still, it makes ya lazy.

Onward and upward, I bring you, my brother.

My brother, and his little niecey. He adores her, as really, does the world. I mean look at that face. It just melts your cares away, I tell ya.

He invented nicknames for her that are used far and wide. By pretty much my immediate family, but still nickname-inventing is adorable. One is "Rei-B". Pronounced quickly, like "Reilly", except with a B at the end. Almost like "Reibby". This is derived from her middle name, Reilly Belle, or her last name as well. Multi-faceted nicknaming.

Then we have one that is solely his, which is Boo Reilly. Stemming from the beloved literary character, Boo Radley. He explained all of this to her, of course, siting title and author. This is sometimes shortened to just "Boo", or switched to "Rei Boo". It fills my heart the warmest way when he calls her these names.

Uncle Matt loves this chickie. And he quickly realized the attention that he receives when he is holding her. Or sitting with her. Or parading her around the beach with his shirt off.

Guys these days think you need a Wing Man, to assist you in picking up girls. Little do they realize, (although I seem to remember Uncle Jesse realized this in the early 90's on an episode of Full House...) that the key to melting a girl's heart, is man with a baby.

Strong Man + Cute Baby = Irresistible Combination

And so, we bring you, Uncle Matt's newest nickname for the Rei Girl...

Wing Baby.

Watch out ladies, here they come.

[Sidenote: Uncle Matt and his muscles have their first football game of the season tonight. Say a prayer for a successful injury-free game please!]

Love & Muscles,

DR Mama

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