Saturday, October 2, 2010

We're Back!

So, we are back. My apologies for the lack of writing lately. It's not that I was busy, so much as I decided to take a little breaksy. Well, I was busy. Mama-ing in the busiest job I've ever had! Best, by far, but busiest! But now we are back. And we just went to visit Uncle Matt for the day at his football game!

We surprised Auntie Mimi and Uncle Eric. Needless to say, they were beyond thrilled. Lucky for us, Uncle Matt's school colors are black and orange. Time to break out the Halloween gear!

The boys, and baby Carlos.
Name that movie.

Rei Rei grabbed the cheerleading pom pom! We are very thrilled by anything and everything she does.

Hi Uncle Matt! There he is! I know him!

He finally got to see his girl! After over a month at school, he was so happy to snuggle her.

Try to look at this picture and not feel that warm fuzzy tugging at the string of your heart that is connected to your soul.

Do not be fooled by the rough football-y exterior, and the gigantic muscles. He loves his baby.

And he loves his girls.

And he's about the most loyal friend you'll ever find.

Okay, but you still shouldn't mess with him. Or those loyal friends of his.

But if you want to know the way to his heart, it's not through his stomach. It's through this baby. Love him, love my babygirl.

She may look all cute and snuggly with her pumpkin pants up to her armpits, but she's very picky with the girls his Uncle Matt chooses. She won't just let anybody through! Good luck against this chick, ladies!

Hey banana, how do you get anything done when you are so busy wrapping everyone around your fingers, huh?

How did you like your first football game, peanut? Wasn't it fun??

You look cute in orange.

Love & Orange & Black,

DR Mama

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