Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Date Night

Last night, Daddy took his girls on date. We had so much fun!

We met Daddy there after he was done with practice with his Frisbee team.

He was so excited to see his babygirl after a long day at work!

Rei Rei was such an angel at the restaurant. She ate her carrots like a big girl, sat in her high chair, and then laid down in her stroller like a sleepy little banana. Not before she sat on Daddy's lap and looked all around the restaurant, kicking and singing so everyone would come say hi to her.
Daddy thinks we have a little social butterfly on our hands! We were so proud of our girl.

Family Date Night with my two favorite people! Such fun on a Thursday night.


Dirt Road mama


  1. LOVE the picture of Brett and Rei and of the three of you!!! What a stunning family!! :)
    Auntie Melissa

  2. Brett and Katie and Reilly = Beautiful Family!!!

    Love ya,
    Rich + Marianne