Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reilly Appleseed

Rei Rei, did you have fun apple picking?!

Mama and Daddy had fun with you. We love apple picking, and we wanted to show you how fun it is!

You and Daddy had fun before I came along, Mama? said Reilly.

Of course we did, silly! We went apple picking every year! Wanna see?

Yes! said Reilly.

Here we are apple picking in New England during Mama's first year in college! We went to the same farm every time.

That candy apple looks yummy, Mama. Can you put that in the ice cubes for me? asked Reilly.

Soon, baby, soon,

Here we are the next year, at the same orchard. We had just gotten engaged the month before!

And then this was the next year! Aren't Daddy's sunglasses cool, Reilly?

Yes Mama! I think everything Daddy wears is cool! said Reilly.

And here we are with you this year! We always had fun at the farms...but never as much fun as seeing it all through your eyes.

Mima and Poppy, and Auntie Mimi and Uncle Eric loved having you there, too! Something tells me it would have been harder getting everyone to drive an hour to go apple picking if you weren't there in your cute little jeans, Reilly!

You guys love me a lot, huh Mama? said Reilly.

Yes, baby, we do. You make us smile a lot.

Mama, there's me going for the apple! Daddy helped me, cause I'm small. said Reilly.

Yes, you did so well! It's so much fun showing you everything we love to do, baby.

What else is there to show me, Mama? Anything else? asked Rei.

Yes baby, lots of things. We have lots more things to show you.

Love & Appleseeds,

Dirt Road Mama

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