Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Mama in Me

The mama in me
Needs you to know something.
People love you for everything that you are.

Some days that's an easy thing to see and feel.
Today, maybe, you know this well.
Tomorrow it may feel like a whisper.
One day you may not think it's true.
But know it.
Despite your faults, strengths, differences, weaknesses.
God made you because He loves you and He believes in you.

The mama in me
knows how He feels.
Watching you smile fills Him up. Your happiness and love is all he wants for you.
Lean on Him. Pray. Ask. Love. Give. Pray some more.
And know that He made you,
And made other people in your life to surround you,
To love, and be loved.

When you know this Love, give it away.
Spread it to others. Live in it. Swim in it. Act on it.
Because it's the most beautiful thing in this world.
And there's enough of it for everyone.

The mama in me felt that I needed to write something in response to the bullying that has been effecting so many people. Rather than address the hatred and ignorance that the people who bully act from, I decided to address what is probably lacking in their life.
I believe that people who know real love, would not act in this way.
And although it seems fruitless, I pray it will stop.

Love & Him,

the mama in me

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