Monday, October 11, 2010

Dirt Road Meets Hollywood Hills

Let me start by saying this: I love painting.

When I paint, I feel excited and happy and at peace and productive and creative. I absolutely love creating and designing. And mixing colors until it becomes the most beautiful reflections of light that I have ever seen, and then permanently affixing it to wood or canvas to enjoy forever.

I used to say that I could never do a "job" that had to do with art because I could never create my artwork and then have it leave me. I love everything I make individually, and I only every painted or drew or created for people I loved. I didn't think I could EVER sell my artwork to people I didn't love, or even know! My babies going off to live in a strange place!

But then, I started painting. And people started loving them. And when I saw how happy my signs made people, it made me happy too. I wanted to paint for EVERYONE! And not even charge them! But now I realize, I do have to charge some money. Otherwise I'd be a homeless painter with very happy customers. But I do still love each sign like it's my little multi-colored child. And so much thought goes into the colors and designs that I paint, each and every one. I never sell a sign to anyone unless I would put it up in my own house. I find I often say, "Oh my God, I love this sign so much. This is my favorite one I ever made."

And then one day, this happened.

Someone told me they saw a sign I made on The Office. As in, THE OFFICE. As in, in the actual office that they pretend to do work in on the show The Office.

Then they sent me the link, and told me to go to about 5:00 minutes, and look on the back wall.

And then I fainted. WHAT?? MY BABY IS ON THE WALL!! I PAINTED THAT SIGN WITH MY HANDS!! Well, with paintbrushes that I held in my hands. But still!! I mixed those colors! I remember making that sign! I remember finishing it and saying farewell and wishing it a long and healthy life on a beautiful wall of a happy family! And my baby went off to Hollywood and got FAMOUS!! Now he lives on a wall next to other famous art! Like that map to his left.

I didn't know HOW it got there! [ But then I found out that the Marketing Department sent them to The Office as a promotion. Hi Marketing Department!! Thank you millions! :) ]

I imagined Steve Carell sitting on the set and saying, "What is a Woodloch? Where did this sign come from?" And everyone around him shrugging. But they conversed about my baby!!

Or maybe John Krasinski sees it one day and says, "Wow, this sign is great. I wish someone could make me a sign like this for my home with my fiance who is the British girl from The Devil Wears Prada."

Or maybe Ed Helms says, "Yeah, John. I wish I knew about these signs when we were filming the sequal to The Hangover. Carlos would have loved it."

Or maybe they all had a discussion about what Scranton is really like, and what Woodloch is and why people love it so much! Well, guys, you should come find out. Come on over to our mountain. I'll show you around Woodloch, take you to Scranton, and make you a sign. And then we'll go for a walk down our Dirt Road.

I am so thrilled that my little painting about the resort that changed my life made it's little way over to Hollywood. I will look for it every week, if I can stay awake past 9 pm.

No offense, Office, but see I have this baby..

She's the reason I have to charge for my signs. And the reason I go to bed at 7:00 pm every night. And the reason I laugh 11 out of my 12 hours awake.

But Thursday's just became my late night. Here's to making more TV shows! :)

Love & Dirt Road,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. YAAAY SIS!!!!! You amaze me!! :)

  2. YAYYYY Kate!! So happy for you!!

    PS- Jon and I are discussing honeymooning at Woodloch!