Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We went to see some of Rei Rei's great grandparents for breakfast the other day. They love her. They love her lots.

Reilly is Grandma Ella's 13th great-grandchild! And she was born on the 13th of May. I think that means they will be BFFL.

I like this picture because Gram Ella and Rei were watching their respective grandson, and Daddy. It makes me wonder what it's like to hold the baby of your baby's baby.

I imagine it's a pretty insane feeling.

Reilly and Grandma Ella watching the trees change color out the window.

Reilly and Great-Grandpa!

This one makes me melt.

It was such a beautiful autumn day! And a beautiful day for a breakfast feast a la Grandma Ella.

Allow me to elaborate - this is what we had for breakfast:
Scrambled eggs, homemade breakfast potatoes with onions, bacon, toast, tomatoes, cinnamon buns. And then I eat. And eat. And then I get called a bird until I take thirds. It's a beautiful cycle of eating amazing breakfast.

Reilly is excited for her future of great-grandma Ella breakfasts. As well she should be.

Love & Breakfasts,
Dirt Road Mama

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