Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby in a Basket

Nothing is cuter than a baby in a basket, to me. Really, nothing.
Since biblical times. The trend was started by Moses. He was a cutie in that basket, I hear.

Speaking of baskets, this is where I put the baby when I make the bed...

She may look confused, but she loves it. She's been chillin' in the pillow basket since she fell out of that womb. Mama makes the bed, baby chills with the pillows and watches the ceiling fan. Mama picks up baby, puts pillows from basket onto bed, and voila! On with our day we go.

"I'm going to start rolling soon, Mama, and then I am so out of here. Right after I take a quick nap, cause I'm very cozy."

p.s. I know her socks don't match her outfit, but she pooped on her light pink ones. It happens.

Love & Baskets,

Dirt Road Mama

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