Saturday, October 2, 2010

Her Profile

Since the day, hour, minute this baby fell out of me (isn't that much more descriptive than saying "born"?) , my mama has always said the same thing.

"She has the prettiest profile in the world."

Not just once, she said it over and over. And to this day, for 4 months, she says it every time she sees her. It makes me smile. It will probably be one of those things that baby Rei will hear from her Mima all the time. On her wedding day, her Mima will touch her face, kiss her cheek, wipe away the river pouring from her face, and say:

"You have the prettiest profile I've ever seen, boopa. Now go pick your Mama up off the floor an tell her she needs to pull herself together."

And then I will move Reilly's things from her bedroom into our basement, because that is where she and her new husband will live. What? Uncle Jessie and Aunt Becky did it. It happens.

But anyway, where was I? Oh yes, this babyface.

It really is the prettiest profile I've ever seen. And she's had the same perfect profile since the day she was born.

You just want to kiss that mouth. And pinch those little cheeks. And make her laugh so she'll crinkle that little button nose.

I think when God invented the term "button nose", he had Reilly in mind. It just took Him this long to create the prettiest one.

Thank you, God, for our little button-nosed baby.

Oh, God...can you...kind of...un-invent the institute of marriage by the time Reilly gets older? Or... OH! I got it! Stop making boys! Okay, maybe that won't work...can you...okay, just make time go really really slowly, kay?
I love this time with our baby. I just love it. Have I said thank you lately? Thank you, God. We love ya millions.

Love & Buttons,

DR Mama

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  1. you are doing it all right, savor every second..savor every nanonsecond, as it is so fleeting...but I know you will appreciate each phase, and by the time she is ready for boys in her life, you will find a way to be ready too!!!
    your words always makes me happy
    Glad you are back