Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby in the Forest

Last weekend we took a field trip to the forest! Now, we live in the forest, surrounded by trees and woodland creatures. But this was a different forest, one for chopping firewood.

People around here say "woods" instead of "forest". I prefer forest. Isn't it more magical?

"Yesterday, we went into the woods."
"Yesterday, we went into the forest."

One seems factual, one seems mystical. Ah, the English language. Such choices we have.

Anyway here we are watching Daddy chop down a tree!

I know, the hat. I want to squeeze her every time she wears it. So I do.

Go Daddy!
Nothing is cuter than these cheeks. Nothing in the world.

Hi babygirl! Are you having fun?

You look very snuggly in there, can I come in with you?

That's her new musical toy from Mima and Poppy. She was slightly more obsessed with that than with watching the chainsaw action. But we had lots of fun in the forest!

Love in the Woodland,

Dirt Road Mama

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