Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blanket Sleepers

And now, a message from Reilly.

Mama, are you ready? Are we on?

Yes, baby, we're ready!

Oh, okay! Hi everyone! I'm going to tell you a story about Blanket Sleepers!

See, a Blanket Sleeper is what I am wearing here. This one's purple, made of very soft blanket-y materials. It keeps me warm and cozy.

Mama thinks it's funny because starting August, every time we saw Mima, she gave us a Blanket Sleeper.

"Oh, I got Rei Rei this little dress! And this hat! Oh, and a few more Blanket Sleepers...", she'd say.

Now we have many colors and styles of Blanket Sleepers. Multiple sizes. Stripes, polka dots, elephants. So Mima, Mama and I just wanted to tell you...


They keep me so warm and snuggly at night. And Mama loves cuddling with me so much in them, sometimes we don't get dressed until 10am. 10am, Mima! Someone get a handle on my Mama please. Oh, which reminds me, Mama says she wants one in her size, too.

So we can hang out all day together in our Blanket Sleepers.

The End.


Dirt Road Mama

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