Friday, October 15, 2010

Near Perfection

By reading my blog, I realized, you may think that Rei Rei baby is perfect. That she does nothing wrong, ever. That she never even cries, she may just be smiling and laughing all day until she quietly drifts off to sleepland.

Well, let me tell would be correct.

Okay, put away your daggers, I'm teasing. Of course she cries, she is a little bambina! And of course she has nights when she wakes at 4am. And times when she is not smiling during the day. And sometimes I have 5 things I need to get done in one day, and I get 1/2 of one thing done. And I just this week have gotten back to what I consider "normal" sleeping patterns.

So, yes, there are parts of each day that are not sunny and smiling.

But there is perfection in every day as well.

Motherhood is wonderful, difficult, fulfilling, amazing, overwhelming. And perfect.

The love that I feel for her, both in her perfection and her inherent imperfections as well, is how God is showing me how He loves me. For no other reason except that we are His children.

1 John 4:19 We love, because He first loved us.

He loves us. I love her. Imperfections and all.

Love in Imperfection,

DR Mama

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