Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Big Beautiful Day!

Right now, these newlyweds are on their honeymoon in a tropical land with no cell phones or internet. I am dying. What are you guys doing? What are you eating? What are you drinking? What are you seeing? Have you gone snorkeling? Have you witnessed any shark attacks? I need to know these things! Come home now. Thank you.

Look at how beautiful they are!

This is mama and brother of the bride walking down the aisle.

Babygirl being carried down the aisle like a little princess, because even though she is 14 months old and has a 30+ word vocabulary, she is not walking. But she is the cutest little non-walking flower girl I ever saw!

And then came the stunning bride, escorted by Daddy. Although you can't tell, she was barely holding it together at this point. She's one of those girls that has been picturing this moment since she was little, and probably choked up when she thought about it then.

Nobody at the wedding knew what her dress was going to look like, least of all her groom. I think his breath was taken.

They said the beautiful vows, I tried to keep it together, and I did for the most part. Then, they were husband and wife!!

And we blew bubbles, and cheered and screamed.

And then the party started!! And as you can see, they brought the party.

This is a shot from the amazing cocktail hour. This is only the cold food table - there was also hot food, multiple carving stations, a regular and wine bar, imported cheese station (my personal favorite), and sushi station to name a few.

Little know fact: Hubby and I had my senior prom here before he was my Hubby. We stood on line waiting for our picture to be taken, and I said, "I could picture our wedding being here." And he agreed. We loved it. (Yes, we were 18 and knew we would be married.) One year later, I was engaged. And we returned to this beautiful place to look into it for our big day. And I made everyone swear that when they said, "How did you hear about us?" NOBODY told them I had my prom there one year ago. I was all about being the poised, engaged, woman fooling everyone into thinking I was older than 19. And 5 short years later - we are married, returning to the scene of our prom and wedding for Sissy and Eric's day, and my BFF who was sitting next to me in our prom limo is watching my one year old baby for the evening. This is what people mean when they say that time flies.

Anyway, back to the craziness of the party! We danced and danced until dawn.

They cut their pretty cake and gave each other respectful little bites.


I gave a speech (no picture yet) and cried when I talked about how much Eric loves Reilly and had to cut off about 2 sentences. But nobody knew, I wrapped it up quickly before I really lost it. And in the end, I'm glad I teared up a little. Otherwise, some might not really know how sincerely I love these two together. And how much they mean to me.

Here they are with some of their besties! Danielle and Greg (right) recently got engaged themselves, and Shanna and Doug (left) caught the garter and bouquet! So in conclusion, everyone get married and have babies so you can have play dates together. The end.

Oh, there she goes again! Breakin' it down.

A nice shot of the dress bustle (courtesy of mama and I), and the feather!

Hubby taking advantage of the cheesecake bar that got rolled onto the dance floor. I loved being on that dance floor with you again, reminiscing about where we've been and where we're headed.


Family dance time!
Bride and groom getting crazy!

All in all, it was a perfect day and night of celebration. I wish we could do it once a year.

And may you two dance, hand in hand, for the rest of your lives, as crazy as you did that night.

Love & Forever,

Dirt Road Mama

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  1. tears brewed anddddd that was beautiful, the end. <3