Thursday, July 28, 2011

Builder of Bookshelves

You may remember when I proclaimed that the way to my heart is via beautiful pieces of furniture. The truth is it's only when my hubby builds pieces of furniture. I just love that we work through the organization need that we have, look at different designs, and then BAM. Hubby builds it.

Our most recent need was a bookshelf. He built this in one day, with wood that he had in his shop, that we got for free (thank you God for providing us with free wood!)

I love it so much. I just stare at it. I love it for many reasons, the first being that Hubby made it with his hands. The second being that it's white. I love white. I love that it stores all her toys and books - literally all of them! Every single thing on those shelves were in my living room, all around, in baskets on the floor. I love the space we have now.

Guess who else loves it?
I brought her over to show her around. I showed her how to take a book out, how to slide the bins out, and how to put things away. Isn't it funny that you even have to show a toddler how to use a bookshelf? But how would she know otherwise? She caught on quickly, as you can see.

I don't know who loves our new bookshelf more - me or this happy little baby!


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