Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Preparing for The Big Day

Here are a few glimpses of what our preparations were like for the big day! It was day after day of fun and excitement.

On Wednesday, myself, the groom's sister Alissa, and the Bridey all had dress fittings. Alissa and I were pretty much picking ours up, and Bridey had her very last fitting. I was so excited, because I hadn't seen it on her since the day we picked it out.

Mama of the Bride and my little flower girl came along too. It went great, and we all went home with dresses in tow. No one besides us had ever seen her in the dress, or knew what it looked like. I thought that was such an amazing surprise for everyone, especially because she looked so breathtaking in it!

On the way home from the dress shop, babygirl fell asleep in the car. Needing her to sleep as much as possible in the busy days leading up to the wedding day, we opened up the doors to the car, and had some wine on the front lawn while she napped.

SIL, Bride, MIL (these are terms my sister uses, they crack me up)
Just the girls and our wine!

Bridey relaxing, while the boys get their tuxes and pick up dinner.

OH! Flower girl is awake!
Then her adorable students came by and gave her a bride and groom Build-A-Bear! How cute are they!! They were 2 of about 20 students who came to the church.

They next day was mani-pedi day! We brought pink champagne of course!

The beautiful bride, cool as a cucumber!

Until, that is, we decided to have an epic waxing incident. Let me just say this. There was screaming. There was yelling. We were all in the room.

There may have been some vomiting.

And there was definitely champagne.

Here is the bride afterward, recounting the details of her triumph.

The bridey made up a detailed itinerary of what needed to get done and when - which actually was very beneficial, no matter how many jokes she may have endured. Every morning we would wake up and say, "I have to run to CVS. Do I have to be anywhere this morning? Okay, I don't have anything till 12, I have time then. Who wants Dunkin?"

We had days full of fun, a little relaxation, lots of celebrating, lots of joy, and lots of emotion. More on the rehearsal to come!

Love & Celebrations,
Dirt Road Mama

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