Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Night Before The Day

This was the night before the BIG day!! We were all jittery, excited, got all dressed up, and headed to the rehearsal and dinner that followed.

Look how gorgeous these two crazy kids look!

Eggplant was the theme of the evening, as it was the color of the wedding as well!

Our family outside of the church, all excited!

These are the parents of the groom, and the wonderful hosts of the rehearsal dinner. It was at a beautiful venue, which was actually where my bridal shower was held. It was gorgeous, we had the whole upstairs, and the food and ambiance was just perfect.

The linens were eggplant. And they doubled as bibs.

Reilly ate cheese, and said "Cheese!" at the same time! She had a grand time, saying "Hieee!" to anyone and everyone who came in her vicinity. Or if they were across the room, she would just yell until they saw her.

The host of the evening (FIL) gave a beautiful speech, which made everyone laugh and cry as every perfect speech does.

Here is sissy at the crying part. And of course, Reilly had to put her two cents in. It went something like this:

[this is at the most emotional point of his speech]
FIL: I have a quote to share from Homer...not Homer Simpson..
(everyone laughs)
FIL: "He said, Marriage is like a golden band...."

It really did happen just like that. The room of 50 people was completely silent, except for Reilly fake-laughing hysterically, because she apparently thought that's what you did when someone paused during a story. I'm obsessed with her.

Then the groom and bridey said a few words..

And groom got a little chokey, which made us all get a little chokey.

Can you feel the emotion surrounding this weekend?? It was palpable everywhere we went!

Then Sissy said a few sweet words, and gave out amazing gifts for the bridal party!

And after being up hours (HOURS) passed her bedtime, Reilly never stopped smiling once. Or giggling. Or laughing. Or eating. Or making everyone else laugh.

She partied like it was 1999. Little did she know, she had such a big day ahead of being a beautiful flower girl!
Then she snuggled with Daddy (in her flashed Eggplant PGs), and said "night-night" (aye-aye).

I whispered in Reilly's ear when we got home, that she was such a good girl the whole day and night. But I did tell her, as good a she was, that she couldn't steal the show the next day, that it was Auntie Mimi's turn to be the princess. She agreed, that she would be teeny princess for the day, and let Mimi and Uncle E be the stars.

And we all crashed, and tried to get any sleep we could muster, in preparation for what was to come the next day!


  1. HI! My name is Megan, I used to live in Honesdale and was pointed to your website by Gina Lenz. I had photos done there and we got talking and somehow your website came up. Long story short I have been reading ever since. In that time I myself have had a baby boy. I just wanted to let you know that your previous posts inspired me to commit to breastfeeding and recently to begin making my own babyfood :) I am writing because I heard about a website which I totally thought you need: They take your blog and make a book out of it. Your blog came to mind as how great would it be for your daughter to see her first year in blog when she gets older! Just a thought...thank you for your great and amazingly positive blog!

  2. What a goodlooking couple..this is so sweet you truly captured all the emotion of the night..I cannot wait to see wedding pictures!

    Ps is Reilly wearing a ribbon from bed bath and beyond? Love it. Im obsessed with the eggplant theme wrapping they are doing and have been using one of the their ribbons as a headband lately haha